College Degree Programs – What Education Is Best For You?

When most folks refer to a college degree, they really mean a four-year degree. There are several kinds of college degrees, however, and there are both pros and cons to every one. The main issue is determining which one is right for you. You might be asking yourself “what is a degree,” or you may already know the answer but are not sure about which one you should get. Here is a brief breakdown:

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Associate Degree: This is the entry-level degree that most people go into college with. It is often called an associate because it is the first “level” of your education. This degree does not give you any real “adult” skills, but it does help you gain the fundamental knowledge necessary to get into college and pursue your career. Many people go into an Associate degree with a major in English, math, or science. An Associate degree is good for people who wish to major in something less saturated with coursework and who don’t want to take many classes that will have no bearing on their future career

Bachelor’s Degree: The Bachelor’s degree is usually achieved after you have finished your Associate degree. At this point, you have an entire two years to either enroll in a program in your field of choice or declare your Bachelor’s degree. If you plan to major in something more applicable to your career, such as psychology, you can transfer your credits and earn your master’s or doctorate degree from the school that you originally took your degree from.

Master’s Degree: This is a step up from your Associate’s degree. Like your Associate degree, you must also enroll in a program that will let you specialize in your field of interest. A Master’s degree is generally earned at a school that has a higher level of accreditation than your undergraduate degree school. After earning a Master’s degree, you will be able to work in any field of study that you chose. In order to qualify, you must complete a very rigorous curriculum.

Doctoral Degree: This is the most prestigious degree that you can get from a college or university. Your dissertation is likely to be accepted by some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Earning a Doctoral degree requires that you have completed all your courses and earned at least four years of graduate level studies. Unlike other degrees, a Doctoral degree is awarded to those who have graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. In order to qualify, you must complete a dissertation.

Each college offers a variety of education programs that are perfect for students who are looking to earn a college degree without having to put too much time and effort into their education. You can take classes in several different fields to earn one of these degrees. Although you cannot be as successful as someone who enrolled in a specific school, you may be able to find one that will better fit your needs. Make sure that you find an education center that is affordable and has the program that will best suit your career goals.

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