Floor Paint

Colors play an important role in a structure either an office or a house. Just as floor paint does. When choosing for floor paints, it needs to meet specific requirements to the area to be painted to make it functional. There are three types of floor paints namely epoxy, oil, and latex.

If you will be painting your garage or kitchen and other areas with uneven humidity and prone to acidic elements, epoxy is the best recommended. Epoxy is the most durable type. It can last longer and can protect floors from sudden wear and tear. Furthermore it is also resistant to oil accumulation. It is advised that when applying epoxy paint on your garage floor, clean and de-grease the area thoroughly to achieve best results of painting application. On the other hand, oil-based provide smooth and shiny finish and are best partnered with polyurethane for durability. It should be reminded that when applying urethane, it should be left dry for at least 48 hours before coating it with urethane floor paint for wood .

Oil-based paints are best for indoor and outdoor surfaces made of concrete or wood. Meanwhile, latex paints are specially designed to provide decorative finish to indoor and outdoor home and industrial masonry. It can be applied to wood, concrete or prime metal surfaces. It is a quick dry with lesser odor. When purchasing for floor paints, be reminded of the following hints: select the type of surface that you want to paint on, the color of the paint, and the ventilation of the area to where paint will be applied. If unsure for the right paint to choose, ask for assistance or bring an expert in paint with you.

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