Building Vibrant Health Part 1

I would like to take a moment and briefly summarize my own personal journey with building health. I have been involved with Metabolic Typing® since 2001 after a serious injury in the military. I was able to radically rebuild and repair my health using the basic Metabolic Typing® principles, which I will discuss in parts 2 and 3 in this “Building Vibrant Health” series. After seven years of working the basic program and advising many others as a certified Metabolic Typing® advisor, I took the next steps…

In April 2008 I enrolled in the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) course, which is when I first took the BioHealth 205 Adrenal Stress Profile and the 101 Metabolic Profile (saliva and urine tests). I discovered that although my digestion and kidneys were working really well, my adrenal glands were in Stage 1 fatigue; not the worst case scenario but certainly room for improvement. Of course many things can contribute to adrenal fatigue; some of which I can improve and some of which I was not willing to change just yet (Sheiko training for one). So, in an effort to improve my adrenals I began supplementing with DHEA and Pregnenolone which are both legal and can be bought over the counter without a prescription.

I also began to meditate and started working with someone who practices homeopathy. I then took the BioHealth 304 Mucosal Membrane Barrier test and received more specific information that I had a dysbiosis going on in my body as well as a bit of a leaky gut; which is a generic way of saying that I was eating too many foods that I am either allergic or sensitive to. So I then took the Signet MRT Food Sensitivities Test and the ELISA finger stick IgG allergy test (both of which I am now authorized to dispense and offer on my web site) and found out which foods that I have a sensitivity and a bit of an allergy to and eliminated them which in turn has improved the integrity of my mucosal membrane barrier which has positively affected my adrenal glands.

HOWEVER, I was not done yet because I needed to still address the dysbiosis in my stomach that the 304 had originally identified. I most recently took the BioHealth 401 stool culture for pathogens and found out that I have bad bacteria (proteus) that is abundant in my body. It is impossible to tell when I might have acquired this bad bacteria but my guess is that it happened when I was in the military many years ago. However, it is just a guess and really quite irrelevant. Obviously, due to the fact that the good bacteria are constantly

fighting the bad bacteria to keep it at bay is a constant ping (a drain) on my adrenal glands and who knows how long the good guys can keep on dominating and winning? My first option is to come in with an A-Bomb in the form of an antibiotic and completely eradicate not only the bad bacteria in my body but the good bacteria as well. This option would require a lot of recolonizing the gut with good bacteria in the form of probiotics and so forth and is-at least for me-a last resort. So, as an alternative I have decided to supplement with a natural anti-microbial that is composed of ingredients that are found and processed straight out of the Amazon rain forest. The company is called Raintree Nutrition and my FDN instructor Reed Davis has seen very good results with their anti-microbial product for

combating dysbiosis. However, my strain (proteus) is one he has not dealt with in a long time and in addition my report came back as saying that it is “abundant”. Therefore, I am going to see what I can do in the form of supplementation and by cultivating my body to listen to my mind and rid itself of the bad bacteria. This is going to be hard and take a lot of mental effort on my part but I know if I tell my body to do it that it will do it.

Why am I telling you this? Because building health is a process. In this series of articles I am going to take you from step 1 to step 10 and teach you the things you need to know to build and maintain vibrant health. Some of the things that I mentioned in the introduction, such as adrenal fatigue, food sensitivities, and the mucosal membrane barrier probably do not mean anything to you now; but down the road they will. I only wanted to put them out there to let you know where we will be headed on our journey. However, each journey begins with a single step; and ours will begin with some basic parameters you can use to evaluate your state of general health. Legal Steroids Europe

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I have been using nutrition as a successful weapon in such athletic endeavors as powerlifting, running, swimming, and spring triathlons, special operations military training, and then back to powerlifting. Has it made a difference for me? Unequivocally, yes. How? Primarily by increasing my ability to recover from and be prepared for the next workout. I can also say that the quality of life that I experience today is directly related to how well I took (and continue to take) care of myself nutritionally. Is it easy? It does take work, and it is an ongoing process. The foods that I currently eat are different from the foods

that I was eating 6 months ago. Not entirely different, but the ratios (protein/carbs/fats) have changed, and I have changed some things that suit my metabolic rate and metabolic type for my current situation. Over the course of several articles, it is my objective to teach you the things that I have learned along the way, how to properly identify your metabolic type, and how you can apply these things to yourself and those around you. Some of this may sound a bit unconventional, hokey, new age, or just too troublesome. However, if you at least read what I have to say, I can assure you that you will take away at least one principle that you will apply for the rest of your life.

In order to achieve optimal health, we must first check and see how strong our foundation is. Just like any good workout template, we must first have the basics in place. Yes, we have all heard of these factors before; but if I did not believe that they were important enough to call our “health foundation blocks” then I would not have included them. These three indicators are your insulin level, ideal blood pressure, and cholesterol level or cholesterol ratio. These three indicators can tell you so much about your own state of health, and how aggressively you need to change your dietary and exercise habits in order to maximize yourself in (training) and out (recovering) of the gym, and improve your quality of life.

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