Android Comparison – HTC One Vs Vivo V21E

The new Vivo V21E is a great phone that provides all the features you would expect from a top-of the line smartphone. This device offers the excellent performance of a high-end device with an affordable price tag. With an array of high-quality Android applications, this phone allows users to access the internet on the go. Plus, it comes bundled with Google Now, which provides the latest Google Search features as well as Gmail and Chrome. You can also enjoy free video watching and access to Wikipedia on the go with YouTube, Google Video, and Google Talk.

You can get the Vivo V21E price, which starts at $400 for the basic model. If you wish, you can purchase the high-end version that has nearly everything that you would expect in a smartphone at this price point. It comes with a premium pair of headphones to listen to music, feel the phone, and take a call Vivo V21e . This phone also comes equipped with a solid, large, 8 GB RAM, plus a micro SD card. Plus, you get a fast-charging power adapter to power your device.

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With a larger screen size compared to its predecessors, the Vivo v21E offers a bigger, brighter, and wider viewing area. It also offers better viewing control for those that want to make their browsing more enjoyable. With a 4.2 inch diagonal, the HD capacitive display offers bright colors and crisp images. In addition, it also features Corning’s Gorilla glass technology to help protect against scratches and other impact damage.

One of the biggest differences between the HTC One M8 and the Vivo v21E is its physical appearance. The aluminum body of the phone is a lot thinner than that of the M8, giving the new model a sleeker, thinner look and feel. While the phone is not as compact as the One M8, it still comes in a sleeker, thinner design that many would say looks almost like a futuristic phone. The dual SIM tray, located on the top left corner of the phone is also different than what we see on other handsets. The HTC One M8 had a single tray with slots for only one SIM, while the Vivo has two.

Aesthetically speaking, the HTC One M8 was given an almost pear-shape body, while the Vivo uses a curvy shape to fit its tall profile. The dual rear cameras are a little higher than normal on the HTC One, while the Vivo uses a front-facing camera for all its photos and videos. It also has a higher resolution, though both have pixel quality that is very comparable. The HTC One M8 runs on a quad-core processor, though the M8’s will come with the higher clocked MSM862 variant. The M8’s RAM and battery life aren’t that great, but they are both better than what we’ve seen from the M8.

When it comes to software, the HTC One M8 has quite a few pre-installed apps, including HTC Sense, HTC Live, HTC Mobile Manager, Google Talk, Google Maps, Now On Tap, and text helper. On the other hand, the Vivo has four pre-installed apps, including TalkPipe, Bluedroid, Evernote, HTC Flashlight, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Wi-Fi Direct, Viber, and Sygic. While there’s nothing particularly bad about either the HTC One or the Vivo, it’s just a matter of preference. Which one you prefer ultimately comes down to personal preferences.

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