The Artistry Behind Doll Eyes And Its Newest Technology

One of the most ingenious manufacturers of eyes is Pabol International. They have come up with their trademark Trulife Eyes which realistically depicts eyes with eyelids and lashes plus the realistic closing and opening of its eyes just like humans do. The difference about the Trulife Eyes is that the eyelid and eyeball are separately assembled ラブドール通販 . Unlike the old sleep eyes technology wherein the eyes rolls down at the back of the eye socket once the doll is laid down. But with Pabol’s invention, the eyelid opens and closes separately which gives the doll’s eye action a more realistic appeal.

Pabol International has been successfully running their business for decades behind the shadows of popular doll manufacturers. It was established in 1989 and its factory is located in Taiwan. The major markets where the dolls eyes are usually exported to are Western Europe, Northern America, Asia, New Zealand, and Australia. The company was primarily manufacturing doll eyes until it employed its newest doll eyes invention on their new product line which is the Niki a la Mode dolls. The doll made its official debut in August 2008 at the Doll and Teddy Bear Expo in Washington D.C.

The company still currently creates eyes such as paperweight glass doll eyes, glass angel or devil eyes, optical acrylic doll eyes, and sleeping doll eyes. They offer different sizes and colors for the eyes including variety of options such as metallic, acrylic, and glass eyes.

The doll measures 14 inches and is depicted to be a young fashionista around her early twenties. Chestin Lu, who is Pabol’s president, crafted the personality and style of the unit with the help of New York City fashion designer Colleen Ballou. The endeavor was new for Ballou as she was known for designing kids’ apparel for the last 6 years. Yet the effort paid off and now Pabol International is in the doll manufacturing scene. Their Niki a la Mode dolls look similar to Asian ball jointed dolls but with a unique contemporary fashion genre. Although one can also compare its anatomy and rounded doe-eyes to the design of the Blythe dolls.

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