The Magic of Equine Healing

Ah – of this reservoir I also wish to partake. Yet, in finding it I have much difficulty. Wherein does it lie? I know not.Yet, in the meantime I shall simply permit myself to allow temporary handicap placard the horses to work their magic on me, and allow myself to be restored to health and wholeness.

Horses work on all levels; mental, emotional, spiritual and physical, right down to a cellular level. Amazing isn’t it? Let us venture in to this realm of hope and healing and perhaps learn a little more.

The movement that your body experiences while riding on a horse replicates the movement of a human walking. The body moves without conscious participation from the rider. This movement without thought enables many victims of stroke, MD, MS, etc., to gain a pathway coming from the body to the brain instead of vice versa. This has proven so very effective over the years, that most communities have riding programs for the handicapped. Many neurologists actually prescribe “hippo therapy” as a course for treatment for their patients.

Let’s change the focus now to energy. Scientists have determined that the entire universe is comprised of nothing but energy in motion. The only thing that differentiates one object from another is the rate of vibration. In order to effectively ride a horse in a harmonious manner, one must slightly alter his rate of vibration. That, my friends, is quite a feat to learn. Yet, when accomplished, it opens the door to unlimited potential. What is it that you cannot do?

Speaking of this universal energy- the horse knows quite well how to tap into it and use it for his benefit and wellbeing. Unfortunately, most of us humans have forgotten how to use that connection to our source. Enter the horse! They function as huge transformers, tapping into that universal energy and sharing it with us. All that is required (actually it is imperative if we are to receive) is to relax and permit it. It really is that simple. It really is that profound. As history has noted, quite often that which is most profound is also most simple.

In learning to alter our vibration, move in harmony, and balance with the horse, we cannot help but restore the balance and harmony within ourselves. From such a space, how can there possibly be room for anything but peace and joy. Thank you God for sending the horse to help restore ourselves to ourselves.

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